Why GPC Insurance?

At GPC Insurance, we don’t just renew policies and find the cheapest premium, we partner with you to make sure you have the right cover for your assets and your business.


If you need to make a claim, we manage it for you from start to finish, negotiating on your behalf and making sure the result meets your expectations.

Comprehensive Insurance products provided by our reputable Insurers

Our expert brokers will get to know your business to ensure you have the right cover and protection. For a detailed discussion about any insurance product, reach out to us today.

A team of experts.

Why you should use a broker for your insurance needs.

Important update to our clients

GPC Insurance is committed to assisting its clients whilst navigating through all the changes as a result of COVID-19. Please be advised that some insurers are making changes to policy wordings which may affect coverage for certain insurance policies going forward. This may apply to New Business, Renewals and Endorsements. Depending on the product, the insurer may no longer accept any New Business, or limit cover available on some sections of the policy. Therefore, please consider that these changes may affect the products referred to on this website. To be clear on the current situation in relation to the impacts on your policy, please contact your Insurance Adviser for Assistance.